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Doll account!

Journal Entry: Mon Feb 16, 2015, 2:11 AM

Hi guys!
If you are here for my dolls, let me tell you that I made another account for it.

I like to have things organized and I prefer to have my things in two accounts. I'll keep here whatever is already here, but for any new thing, go check the other account ↓↓↓↓↓

See you (:

   Purrsephone And Meowlody by eriotdolls     Twins.wip by eriotdolls

                                                        .rosedress by eriotdolls            .rosedress by eriotdolls

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Back again

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 28, 2014, 11:32 AM

Hi folks!

I don't if any caring being is out there, but hi!

As you know (or not) my computer broke some months ago and because of stuff until 3 weeks ago I didn't get a new one (just in time for the beginning of the school year, yeh)

And now that my computer is back, I don't know if it's because something isn't compatible or what, my printer isn't working properly. Also it's quite old, and the scan... well, let's say that what the scan sees isn't the same as what one sees on the paper, so I almost don't use it because it frustrates me.

I always say the same, so this time I won't say that I'll try to be more active, because this is my last year at university (finally!) and I'll have a lot of thing to do, including the final project (in which I'm already working).

This is all.

I'll try to keep drawing, even if I'm not active here.
Anyway, if anyone is interested here is my art tumblr , I'm usualy more active there because I use to post wips, and sketches and so.
Oh, and while I was without computer I made an instagram account because I was bored as hell, so feel free to follow me there if you want.

See you guys♥

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Looooong absence

Journal Entry: Thu May 29, 2014, 7:19 AM

Last week my computer broke again (I've been in exams until last week), I don't know if it can be fixed again or not, anyways it's supposed to be back for next week or next-next week.

But I won't be here because I'm going to a short course from tuesday to thursday and then I have the Advanced exam, and then if everything is ok, I'll be in an intership.

As soon as my computer is back and I have more info about what's going to happen in summer, I'll try to be more active.

In he meantime, I won't be here for a while.

soo, sorry for the absence >_<

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I won't be here for a while!

Journal Entry: Tue Apr 15, 2014, 10:44 AM

Hi guys!

Things happened and my computer broke,so I won’t be here for a month or so (now I’m borrowing my brothers)

The thing is, my exams and essays and works and those things are for after easter, and I need my (or any functional) computer. So let’s pray I can borrow tomorrow one at the university, or at least the my brother won’t need his computer as much as I think.

It's the wrost time ever for my computer crashing, I wouldn't mind if I didn't have to hand over some works, or study for the exams, yep all my notes are on THAT my computer. Hopefully I'll have a security copy done for tomorrow

See you guys in a month! (or less I hope)

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Journal Entry: Wed Feb 12, 2014, 3:10 PM

Hi guuys~

Sorry for the long absence.

After Christmas holidays, I had exams, then I went to Italy with some friends, started the new semester, started with all the class-stuff and a huge art-block accompanied by some (self)problems.

Things are starting to be better (these past days have been awful) and I finished a doodle/sketchbook.

My drawing-plans for this year will be this:
  • Complete a doodle/sketchbook a month
  • Do another year sketchbook
  • Pay more attention to my OC and shared OC and try to develope them
  • Lose the "blank sheet" fear
  • Learn to use markers properly
So these will be (for now XD)

I'm also thinking on doing a "let-me-draw-your-OC" thing, so I can practice drawing things I'm not familiar with (: (if you guys agree, because I'll need your help for this)

Soooo, that's all, I'll try to star drawing again, at least doodle a little bit a day

I may not submit stuff here in a while, but meanwhile you have my art tumblr where I usually post sketches, wips, and so.

See you guys♥

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The Rules:
* The avatars of the first 10 people commenting this journal, and the three deviations I like most from their galleries will be put on the list below!
* If you comment, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (me) and three of my art on the first place.
* The idea of this is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone!

1. :iconcarpe--noctem:
breathe by carpe--noctem   those puppy eyes by carpe--noctem  

2. :iconshinedus:
Lineart: Leaves that cigarette by ShineDUS  

Mature Content

Digital: Sweet n sexy by ShineDUS
   Traditional: Together n apart by ShineDUS


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I got a premium account for my Bday, so first thing, change my name, mostly because the one I use usually is not the one I had. 

I was doubting between Creationfail and Erioth, since I use both, but I'm staying with Creationfail because Erioth is more "name-personal" and this one more like the "site-personal" (?????) (ok, that doesn't make any sense, but I don't know how to explain it, you can call me either way)

aaand, I feel like I'm not doing anything lately D: November is being awful (full of exam and delivery dates for classworks and I'm doing some small commissions) just a couple of weeks and I'll be free!!! (more or less) until then I'll try to survive : D

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September started and so did my classes, finally I'm starting with the restoration and conservation subjects (1st and 2nd year were common for the 3 specialities), and I don't have the slightless idea of how this year will be. 

I have a strange time-table (I haven't decided yet if I like it or not). I'll try to work from thursday to friday/saturday with my mom and I'll take english classes on saturday morning (I want to do de Cambridge Advanced exam sometime this year).

I want to keep drawing as much as I can but, as I said, I don't know how this year will be, so I don't know how much time I'll have for myself.

Did you guys already started with you school/university/work?

See you guys here : D

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I came back for a couple of days, but I'm leaving tonight!

Actually, I'd like to stay another couple of days at home and relax and do nothing and go to the festival of the big city near my hometown, buut, it's my fault fot not doing a proper planning, so no rest for me until I'm back!

and I'm a lil'bit worried 'coz I don't know when the enrollment(?) for the university is, and I'm afraid it'll be while I'm in Italy where I won't have no computer no internet :/ let's hope it'll be later
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So finally I'm going somewhere this summer! 

Tonight/tomorrow I'm leaving to the south of Spain for a week, and and after that I'm going to Italy (a lil'bit more than a week), I'll visit a friend in Siena, then to Florence, and then to the north, where I'll meet with my family and go to the wedding of a cousin.
So I'll move quite a lot these days.

See you in September!
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I started doing a couple of paintings on wood some weeks (months) ago.

They are already finished.

My teacher told me (before starting) that I should treat the wood before doing anything (varnish layer, sanding, varnish again, sanding again… until the fuzz disappeared) , 'cos with the paint the pinholes/pores/fuzz of the wood would appear, but I didn't pay attention to him (didn't have time either) and paint directly, and I didn't have any problem (just in some small parts). 

The problem comes now. I want to protect the painting, and the best way is with varnish, but the fuzz will appear, I don't want that. So the solution my teacher and another colleague give me is to varnish, sand and varnish again, but I run the risk of ruining the WHOLE painting.

So I need another option, any idea out there, guys?

I'd really appreciate any idea, even if it sounds silly.

Thank you♥
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Hi guys!

I know you don't care about my life, but I'll tell you anyways C:

A friend is doing a proyect, Rio de Oro (golden river), and they're tooking for 2 month some saharauian disabled kids, so I'll be there helping doing whatever they need, cooking, cleaning, play with the children...

The idea is to be there 24h, but I'll try to come back at home to sleep (it's in the neibouring town), and then go back in the morning, the problem is that my mom needs my at the office with her too, so I have to see how can I make it to help them and work with her, so I won't have almost time for me this week ( :__D ) (I'm starting my english lesson in july, so I won't be able to work and help them, I'll have to see what I'll do)

buuut, my problem rigth now is that I'm quite nervous 'cos it's really uncomfortable for me beeing surrounded by people I don't know and having to "work" with them (I have a problem socializing, I don't know how to do it ;___; ), so wish me luck!
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I'm back guys! Even if my absence wasn't very notorious, I've been in Barcelona for a week with some friends, I enjoyed it so much... I wanna go back >.<

...And now that I have so much free time (I'm afraid I won't work this summer), I'm thinking on doing some portrait requests, for practice, so just for knowing, if I do it, anyone would be interested in a portrait request?
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My dolls arrived!

My mom went to work and the bell rang, so I thought she forgot something, but not, the messenger-man was on the door ;D

I didn't expect them to be so quick, I thought they'll come on thrusday or friday... but as they are here and I'm not going out today, I may start with them,  oh, and they have such a soft hair♥
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I was weak, I ended up buying a couple of new dolls, a Venus and a Spectra :dummy:

The one I was looking for in every toy-shop I found was the Venus, and after looking in the two shops of my town and in another two in the city nearby and not founding it, I decided the best option was Internet.

So, Amazon is my friend, and there I found the dolls in quite a good price (comparing to the prices of the shops I visited), and as the price was better than the expected, and the shipping was the same for one or two, next week they'll be here :dummy:

And I already know which one will be the next one, but this one will have to wait ;)
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I should apologize for at least for not being really active and for not writing more here.
I'm awful socializing and as I usually don't know what to say, I just don't say anything :__D

I'm here again lo let you know that I'm already on holidays (yeeeyNO).
I'm one of those weirdos who like to go to school, and now it's finished, and I have 4 fucking month of nothing.
So I'll look for job, I'll try in the same I was last year (luckily they'll need someone) and if they don't need anyone, I'll look somewhere else.

Also, I want to draw A LOT now that I have time. I'm not comfortable with my style (but I'm feeling better than some month ago), I want to improve it and develop it, I've been drawing a lot this school-year, even if I didn't submit anything here.
So maybe, if I feel comfortable enough with it, I'll be open to request (:

And that's all, I'll try not to wait half-a-year to write another entry : D
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Happy new year guys!

I know I'm not here as much as I say I'll be, I promise myself I'll try to socialize a little bit more but I end up giving up, I don't know how to act with other people, so thank you very much for still being my watchers!:heart::dummy:

So, this year I made a resolution/a bet with some class-friends, I'll finish the sketchbook I just bought yesterday in a year, so the first week of 2014 it can't have a blank page! (I've never been able to finish a sketchbook, I buy a new one before XD)

For this I decided to the A sketch a week meme and I'm looking for a 30 days drawing OC meme too, but I can't find anyone I like. I'll really appreciate if you know any and tell me (:

If I can't find anything I'll just look for random OC memes around here.
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I'm sorry the only things I'm uploading are shitty sketches, I don't have time for more and I do these between class and class.

I hope that in holidays, if they don't give us much work, I'll be able to finish at least one of them >.<
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Sorry guys, only spanish!


¿A alguno le pilla cerca el salón? Si es que sí, ¿vais?

Yo iré el sábado con unas compañeras de clase, ya que mis amigas me han abandonado en ésta ocasión ¬.¬ así que unas se ganarán unos muffins de dulce de leche (que no he hecho nunca, así que espero que salgan bueno >.<) y las otras se quedan sin :icondignitylaughplz:

Si pasáis a daros una vuelta, sabed que tendré algunas cosillas "expuestas" y estos cascos en venta

Custom headphones - finished! by Creationfail

Mi profesor de la academia pone stand y me deja meter algunas cosillas, así que si tenéis oportunidad de ir, pasaos por el stand de Aerografía Kurutziaga! Whip emote V.2 by thedragonlady
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Well, well... I know I'm not very active here, but I'll try to post more! (Yes, I know I've said this before, but this time I'll try to make it >.<) Actually I'm pretty shy in real life, and much more on the Internet (yea, I now, usually is the other way...), so I don't know what can I write, what should I say, and I don't want to bother you (that is as easy as ignore journals, but...) and besides, English it's not my first language, so it's ¿annoying? write a large(?) text.

Leaving me, myself and my inner-problems aside, I've bought some macro lenses for my camera :iconadorableplz: I've read really good and really bad opinios about them, so the best way is trying them and I found a reaaaaally good offer, so they are coming home.

It seems that one of my final-works for this academic year will have something to do with photography, so I'll re-take (and finish) that online photography curse I started once, and I'll try to photograph as much as I can. I also I want to buy a camera bag, big enough for the camera and my stuff, because right now is really a pain in the ass every-time I want to go somewhere with the camera I have to go with the camera-mini-bag and my own bag and it's so uncomfortable :noes:

That's all, I think.

Thanks for reading C:
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